Buy Me A Coffee – Supporters and S.C. Mae Book Club Membership

So a little while ago I changed up my Buy Me A Coffee supporter and membership rewards. I tweeted about it but never posted. So what’s changed, then? Let’s have a wee looksee…

Used to be that if you supported me over at Buy Me A Coffee you got my gratitude. But let’s be honest, you really want more, right? Don’t worry, you’ll still get my gratitude (in abundance, suckers) but now you’ll also get the first two books of the Jazz Healy series. That’s right, Miltan Epsilon and Chak’r’Das, gifted to you in the ebook format of your choice (out of three choices). All you’ll need to do once you’ve donated is follow the instructions in the thank-you email to receive your copies. Full disclosure: this will require you to email me, which will mean I’ll have access to an email address that belongs to you. However, I promise never to send you unsolicited mail or share your address with others.

The minimum supporter amount is $3 but if you’d like to send more I won’t refuse😁 Too, if you’ve already got one or both books let me know and we’ll work something else out (likely involving Garbadon Major and potentially even Bil’Tross, the final book in the series, due out November 😉).

What about S.C. Mae Book Club Membership? What’s that about? If you become a member of The S.C. Mae Book Club you’ll not only receive the two aforementioned books but you’ll also be rewarded with all new books that I publish during the time you are a member! Before they’re released to the general public!

Awesome, right? You’ll be able to pick up Jazz’s story in Garbadon Major before all those other eager beaver readers who aren’t part of the book club (provided you sign up earlier than August 3rd) and you’ll be able to tell all your buddies how the Reunion journey finishes before Bil’Tross hits bookstores in November. Then in early 2022 you’ll be first in line to meet Lincoln Reilly in Spider’s Hub, the initial book in a Brand New Universe, with more to follow!

On top of that, members have access to exclusive content not available to anyone else, including Jazz Healy’s origin short story, The Parmethon Caper, peeks behind the scenes both of my writing and the publishing process, and more!

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Then get on in and get some! Membership is $3 a month, or $30 for a full year.

But hang on, I hear some of you saying, you’re not releasing books every month, are you, so this means I’ll end up paying a lot more for each book than I would if I just waited and bought them when they’re released. Like say I sign up for a year and you only release 4 books? That’s like, $7.50 a book instead of the $3.99 that Chak’r’Das is. Which is true you stingy, erm, lovely folk 😜(though I don’t know if it really qualifies as a ‘lot more’ in this hypothetical scenario of yours, especially seeing as you’ll be getting other cool stuff, too). You could always think of it as supporting a good cause (me, writing stuff for you to read), or you could just sign up on a monthly basis and cancel the months you know there’s not going to be a book coming out. I mean, that would make me cry a little bit, every time, but that is something you could do if you’re so inclined.

Anyway, if you’d like to become a supporter or book club member then head on over to my Buy Me A Coffee page and click the thing and do the stuff. It’ll be great, honest!

But if you’re not in a position to be a supporter or member that’s all good, too! Really! 😃 There is plenty of free-to-access content there, including my short stories Orion’s Belt and Mandarin Alley, plus blog posts and background Jazz Healy content. Please browse to your heart’s content!

See you there!

S.C. Mae

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