The Jazz Healy, Reunion Series

Adventure across the galaxy with Jazz Healy as she searches for her father while avoiding her criminal kingpin mother and dealing with stowaways, tech cultists, scheming aristocrats, and more!

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Dry Ice: A Short Story Collection

A time-traveling criminal turned celebrity, a book-loving heretic, a struggling colonist on a frontier world; meet them and many more in this eighteen-story science-fiction bonanza. And if you’re a Jazz Healy fan, she’s the star of two tales in Dry Ice: A Short Story Collection!

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I write a lot, but only blog a bit. I mainly write novel length sci-fi but also dabble in short stories and, very occasionally, poetry. I have one cat. Just one. Any more would be chaos.

For the record, S.C. Mae is a pseudonym. There’s no particular reason for the pseudonym, except that they’re fun and kind of secret agent-y. ‘The name’s Mae, S.C. Mae, license to write. Except, well, one doesn’t actually need a license to write, which is really quite great, but anyway, the name’s Mae, S.C. Mae.’

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Jazz Healy cover art courtesy of the very talented L.E. Badillo.

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Short Fiction

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Coming April 5th, 2022 – Dry Ice: A Short Story Collection

Pistols at Dawn Amongst the Evergreens
The Parmethon Caper – featuring Jazz Healy
Mandarin Alley
Orion’s Belt

As Samuel Mae

Machinations – Bards and Sages Quarterly
Just Add Water – Bards and Sages Quarterly
Mandarin Alley – Dark Stars Science Fiction Anthology
Dromedary – Untied Shoelaces of the Mind
Plurality – Kaleidotrope
Fire Season – Wily Writers
A Touch of Heresy – Big Pulp
Goldar the Unwieldy –
Clinohumite – Bards and Sages Quarterly
Night Terrors – Phantasmacore
Pistols at Dawn Amongst the Evergreens – Electric Velocipede
The Sun Sets No Different at the Edge of the Universe – Bards and Sages Quarterly
The Stars for a Fee (and other flash fiction) – self-published
Dry Ice – SFReader

As Samuel C. Mae

The Race – Takahe

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