Internet, We Are A Go For Launch


And we are on our way. is live and ready for your viewing pleasure, warts and all (well, hopefully not too many warts). Enjoy!

To be honest, blog-wise I don’t have a set plan. Regular is about what I’m aiming for and I do have plenty of ideas for posts. In previous blogs I’ve mostly posted about markets for short fiction or given writing updates (xxxx many words written, xx stories submitted, xx rejections received, etc) but I don’t really want to go down that route here. Not that I won’t sometimes tell you how my writing is going but I don’t want this to become a stats blog or a market review blog (especially as I’m not actively trying to sell short fiction at the moment). Anyway, we’ll see where the blogging currents take me.

Comments are disabled, as you’ll notice. That’s not because I don’t want to interact but because most of my blog posts here will be replicated on my Buy Me A Coffee page, and I figure it would be easier to keep all the conversation in one place. 🙂 This post won’t be replicated, fwiw, but there is a post over there that’s not over here yet. Confuzzled? Don’t worry, I have that effect sometimes 😀 Here’s a link: What Makes S.C. Mae tick? There’s also a short story up there for supporters and subscribers.

Alrighty then, I don’t have much else to say right now. Thanks for visiting and hopefully we’ll see you again soon!
S.C. Mae